Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions/suggestions that have not been addressed below or else where via this site please send us an email at We would love to here from you.

What is It's a source for anyone who wants to rent dance stages with poles attached for any purpose. We say use your imagination the possibilities are endless.

Is prior pole experience needed? As with any workout we suggest you always be careful and never over extend yourself. However with our stages beginners simply walking around the pole to professionals performing more advanced moves and anywhere in between all have been known to partake.

How do I book a dance stage? This website provides the best way to reserve the booking of your own dance stage however through email the reservation can be made as well.

Is the deposit refundable? Yes and No! Yes, once tear down and pickup of all rental equipment on the following day of the event has been finalized and inspected the initial reservation deposit will be refunded back to the account in which it was charged from however Paypal is who handles the refund process so how long it takes varies if credited to the card. Cash is of course refunded fully in cash. No, in the event all monies are not paid two weeks prior as it states in the rental agreement the what was a fully refundable deposit will be forefeited. It is possible that working with another date can be selected. However that is not promised nor to be implied in addition to do so might include an added service fee.

When is my full balance due? Full balance is due 2 weeks prior to scheduled date of event in which was prior planned and payed for through initial reservation. Now again as it states in the rental agreement in the event all monies are not paid there are no refunds at that time. However it maybe possible to select a new date. Again, that is not promised or to be implied. Also it is to be noted that the 2 weeks prior is when the full balance is due and/or two week notice is when a cancellation notice is due if that is the case for a full refund (see below).

What's included with the dancing stage and pole attachment? You get stage, pole, free delivery, setup, following day (if applicable) tear down and pickup.

How tall must my ceiling be or is that an issue? That's the beauty of our product. As long as your ceiling is 8' and above, the equipment will work and we can accommodate you. We have attachments that will extend the pole to 10'

Is there a weight limit? Yes! For the pole only there is a suggested max weight limit of 250lbs.

If I need to cancel my reservation what is the process? As long as there is a two-week email advance notice received, you will be eligible for a full refund. If the Lessee wants to change the date, a notice must be provided no later than two weeks prior to the event. will make every attempt to accommodate the change. However, due to full schedule, no promises can be made and a possible service fee of $25 could be added at the Lessor discretion.

Again, if you have any further questions and/or suggestion please email us or call us we would love to get your input on how we can become better.